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More than a theory and practice, biocognition is a way of life that shifts operative consciousness, rather than modify behavior. Dr. Mario Martinez designed a mentorship program to work with individuals who are interested in developing their success within a mindfulness of wellness. But rather than platitudes and wishful thinking, the training is based on extrapolations from research in the neuroscience of the healthy brain, and the psychoneuroimmunology of the exalted emotions.

Dr. Martinez and his Biocognitive Science Institute colleagues have mentored executives of global companies, world leaders, and celebrities in the performing arts and health sciences on how to assimilate empowerment, financial status, and notoriety without the potential self-sabotaging and diminishing health frequently related to reaching unprecedented success. The mentorships are also available to anyone interested in personal wellness development and to professionals wanting to integrate biocognitive principles to their respective specialties.

Mentorships are taught by Dr. Mario Martinez (English and Spanish) 

For more confidential information on the individualized mentorships, please contact us below: 

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