Biocognitive - Nashville Workshop Nov 3



How Most Illnesses Are Culturally Learned and the Causes of Health Are Inherited: A Path to Sustained Wellness

Dr. Mario Martinez

Date & Time: Saturday November 3rd from 9am to 5:30pm

Venue: Cosmic Connections – Second Floor, Room 2 (1701 Portland Ave, Nashville, TN 37212)

Tuition: $125 (prepaid) $150 (at the door, if seating available)

Capacity: Limited Seating - Register early to reserve your seat.

Dr. Mario Martinez is a licensed clinical psychologist and proponent of cultural psychoneuroimmunology (how cultural beliefs affect the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems). In this workshop, you will learn how, in addition to our genetics, environment, and nutrition, we teach our bodies to breakdown until pathology reaches a critical mass that health sciences call disease. To a great degree, our cultures teach us how to age, how to accept illness as a natural process of aging, and how to view family illness as inevitable genetic sentencing rather than propensities that can be avoided. Most important, this workshop is about learning how to trigger the causes of health, reduce expression of illness, and enhance healthy longevity.

Brief Bio

Dr. Mario Martinez has studied healthy centenarians (100 years and older) worldwide and found that only 20% of their longevity can be attributed to genetics. He argues that the rest is mindbody cultural beliefs and environments. Dr. Martinez is the author of the bestselling books on mindbody science,The MindBody Code: How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity, and Success, and The MindBody Self: How Longevity Is Culturally Learned and the Causes of Health Are Inherited. He is the author of numerous professional articles on his theory and practice of Biocognitive Science, and is considered a world expert on healthy longevity.

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