Biocognitive - Private Group


Due to the time I was devoting to my four pages on Facebook with over 45,000 members, I was not able to keep the information current, and answer most questions from participants. I now have a private group that you can join through PayPal with a membership  of $100 per year.

In this private group, I share the latest news on my mindbody science work, sample chapters from my books, instructional audios and videos on wellness, relationships, and healthy longevity as well as much more practical advice to improve your quality of life. The FB Private Group page is only visible and available for our members. Designed for indiviuals who are truly committed to learn biocognitive tools that can help them navigate and successfully confront challenges in their lives.

To join press PayPal  DO NOT FORGET THE STEP BELOW. 

After you complete the PayPal transaction, go to my official Mario Martinez FaceBook and click the Friends button. This will allow us to invite you to our Private Group page. I hope to see you soon in the subculture of wellness that we are cultivating a day at a time.

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